Clinical Excellence in Cardiovascular Care

The Clinical Excellence in Cardiovascular Care Agenda has been developed by the team at Hospital Healthcare Europe and Hospital Pharmacy Europe with guidance from industry experts.

Specialising in Imaging, Cardio-Oncology, Cardiology, Heart Failure, Stroke, Cardiomyopathy and CMR, Adult Congenital Heart Disease and Intervention, our panel of experts have been booked in order for you to get the very best insights when it comes to treating your patients.

The HHE Clinical Excellence in Cardiovascular Care Agenda is available live and on-demand: sign up now.

Please note, this event takes place 09:15 – 16:30 GMT.

09:2519th March
1 hour
Chair's opening remarked followed by Panel Discussion: Multidisciplinary teams in cardiac care

  • Bridging the gap between cardiologists and cardiac surgery
  • Updating the guidance: how the guidance helps the whole team
  • Multidisciplinary teams and meetings: contributing to the patient pathway effectively

10:4019th March
45 mins
Sponsored session to be confirmed
11:4019th March
30 mins
Cardiorenal Syndrome - the link between the kidneys and the heart

  • The 5 subtypes and causes of cardiorenal syndrome
  • Diagnosis and treatment available across the MDT
  • Helping patients to decrease their risk

12:2519th March
45 mins
CCTA in the context of interventional cardiovascular procedure planning

  • Brief overview of value of CCTA within multimodality imaging approaches for IC procedural planning, and context in which CCTA may be preferred over traditional angiography
  • CCTA best practices and use of CT-FFR for interventional cardiovascular procedural planning
  • Overview of current clinical guidelines on CCTA and CT-FFR in IC procedural planning

13:1019th March
30 mins
Lunch Break
13:4019th March
30 mins
The role of cardiologists in stroke care

  • Key measures to prevent strokes in patients with cardiovascular diseases
  • New techniques and technologies for stroke management in patients with cardiac comorbidities
  • Unique challenges in stroke rehabilitation with previous cardiovascular conditions

14:2519th March
45 mins
Effective management of patients at risk of AKI undergoing interventional cardiovascular procedures

  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT) for intravascular imaging
  • Post-procedural AKI and downstream consequences to the healthcare system
  • Patient comorbid conditions and/or interventional cardiovascular procedures conferring additional risk of AKI
  • Effective management strategies in patients at-risk of AKI

15:2519th March
1 hour 5 mins
Panel Discussion: New advances in cardiac imaging

  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT) for intravascular imaging
  • Molecular imaging for targeted therapy and early disease detection
  • Role of artificial intelligence (AI) in cardiovascular imaging
  • How can you improve your imaging, is it all in technology?



What will you learn at an HHE Clinical Excellence event?

  • Hear from Centres of Excellence across the UK and Europe to find out what they are doing to improve patient care
  • Explore new clinical advances in areas ranging from cardiorenal syndrome and cardiac imaging, to the role of cardiologists in stroke care
  • Gain CPD hours
  • Understand how different hospital departments are utilising multidisciplinary teams to improve patient care, which will impact your ways of working
  • Pick and choose sessions most relevant to your clinical practice, specifically tailoring the day to your needs
  • Catch up on-demand with recordings available free for a minimum of three months

What did your peers think of the 2023 HHE Clinical Excellence in Cardiovascular Care event?

"Good cardiology update from professionals." - Emma D'Amato, Immunology Speciality Doctor

Comprehensive and knowledgeable. I enjoyed how the subject was approached." - Andreea Gheorghiu, Emergency Nurse

"I gained new insight about treatment in cardiovascular care. I learnt how lifestyle changes of patients with cardiovascular disease can help in reducing the annual death rate." - Sunny Oginni, ICU Staff Nurse

"It was very useful and comprehensive. It updated my knowledge about many aspects of new and advanced cardiac management." - Michael Beniamin, Specialty Doctor

"It’s a great experience as a cardiothoracic sister. It helped me understand more about the different diseases and treatments. With this experience I can also teach my colleagues what I have learned in this topic." - Sharon De Vera, Sister