Developed by Hospital Healthcare Europe and Hospital Pharmacy Europe, with the help of an advisory board of cardiology specialists, these events will allow you to explore the latest advances in clinical care, delivered by renowned experts from recognised Centres of Excellence. Free to attend and delivered virtually live and on-demand, we have tailored the conferences to work around your schedule.


How to attend our virtual event

Tickets to attend the HHE Clinical Excellence Events are free for all MDT staff and can be booked here.
Your ticket will give you virtual access to all of the talks throughout the day.
If you miss any of the sessions, you will be able to catch up on-demand at a time to suit your schedule.

What will you learn at an HHE Clinical Excellence event?

  • Hear from Centres of Excellence across the UK and Europe to find out what they are doing to improve patient care
  • Explore new clinical advances in areas ranging from cardiorenal syndrome and cardiac imaging, to the role of cardiologists in stroke care
  • Gain CPD hours at Clinical Events for MDT staff
  • Understand how different hospital departments are utilising multidisciplinary teams to improve patient care, which will impact your ways of working
  • Pick and choose sessions most relevant to your clinical practice, specifically tailoring the day to your needs
  • Catch up on-demand with recordings available free for a minimum of three months

Who should attend an HHE Clinical Excellence event?

UK healthcare professionals in the following roles:

  • Head of Cardiology/Cardiologists
  • Head of Respiratory
  • Cardiology Nurses/Respiratory Care Nurses/Intensive Care Nurses
  • Clinical Directors
  • Consultants
  • Pharmacists
  • Internists
  • Pulmonologists
  • Nephrologists
  • Pathologists

What do your peers think of the HHE Clinical Excellence Events?

“Good cardiology update from professionals.” – Emma D’Amato, Immunology Speciality Doctor

Comprehensive and knowledgeable. I enjoyed how the subject was approached.” – Andreea Gheorghiu, Emergency Nurse

“I gained new insight about treatment in cardiovascular care. I learnt how lifestyle changes of patients with cardiovascular disease can help in reducing the annual death rate.” – Sunny Oginni, ICU Staff Nurse

“It was very useful and comprehensive. It updated my knowledge about many aspects of new and advanced cardiac management.” – Michael Beniamin, Specialty Doctor