Clinical Excellence in Respiratory Care


10:0012th July
45 mins

  • Understanding the difference in common and uncommon lung infection symptoms
  • When should the patients be referred to a centre of excellence
  • Types of lung infections: explained

11:0012th July
45 mins

  • Highlight the bidirectional link between COPD and mental health issues
  • Recognise how to include an assessment of psychosocial wellbeing in people with COPD
  • Identify potential interventions when mental health comorbidities are present

12:0012th July
45 mins

  • Identifying types of SDB and diagnosing patients correctly
  • Surgery options and what is used across the UK and EU
  • Common side effects and risks for those with SDB disorders

13:1512th July
45 mins

  • Challenging the current guidelines
  • When and How to refer the severe asthmatic
  • Asthma biologic therapies and their outcomes

14:1512th July
45 mins

  • Digitisation possibilities and the benefits to patient care for those with ILD
  • Using digital technology to avoid hospital admissions
  • The challenges and limitations of providing hybrid-care or home-monitored care
  • Future perspectives, has Covid changed our care?

15:1512th July
45 mins

  • What makes a successful transplant
  • Timing of the day and the likeliness of rejection
  • Post-transplant patient care, what do we need to know?