Clinical Excellence in Respiratory Care


09:201st May
1 hour 5 mins

  • The role of radiology in diagnosing and staging respiratory diseases
  • Chest X-rays, CT scans, and MRI – what's new?
  • Using new technology to interpret images

10:401st May
45 mins

  • Common presentations of lung disease related to work
  • Asthma, interstitial lung disease and asbestos related conditions

11:401st May
45 mins

  • Recognising and managing respiratory infections
  • Early identification of TB-related respiratory issues
  • New developments: Antibiotics and TB management

12:401st May
45 mins

This is a promotional symposium sponsored and organised by AstraZeneca, intended for UK HCPs only.

13:401st May
1 hour

  • Guidelines for managing respiratory failure and acute exacerbations
  • Mechanical ventilation strategies, sharing knowledge
  • Advances in non-invasive ventilation including sleep apnoea

14:551st May
45 mins

This is a promotional symposium sponsored and organised by AstraZeneca, intended for UK HCPs only.

15:551st May
45 mins

  • Personalized medicine approaches in managing respiratory conditions
  • Updates on targeted therapies for asthma and COPD

16:451st May
45 mins
End of Conference

What will you learn at HHE Clinical Excellence in Respiratory Care event?

  • Hear from Centres of Excellence across the UK to find out what they are doing to improve patient care
  • Explore new clinical advances in respiratory care
  • Gain CPD hours
  • Understand how different hospital departments are utilising multidisciplinary teams to improve patient care, which will impact your ways of working
  • Pick and choose sessions most relevant to your clinical practice, specifically tailoring the day to your needs
  • Catch up on-demand with recordings available free for a minimum of three months

What did your peers think of the 2023 Respiratory Care event?

"Excellent sessions. Very relevant to our practice." - Ayub Khan, Consultant Emergency Medicine

"Interesting content, great to be able to attend virtually." -Vanessa Jones, Staff Nurse

"All the sessions were very informative, it covered all the aspects of respiratory disorders and management, I especially liked the COPD and mental health relativity." - Dharitri Hombardi, Senior Physiotherapist

"Very good to know about current management protocols and ideas." - Bhadravathi Ganganna Satish Kumar, Registrar


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** We would like to thank our exhibitors for sponsoring this meeting, which includes pharmaceutical companies including AstraZeneca UK. These companies have only had input into their individual sessions on the programme where clearly labelled. 

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