Clinical Excellence in Cardiovascular care

Explore this year’s agenda below to see all of the fantastic talks we’ve got lined up for HHE Clinical Excellence in Cardiovascular Care

10:0010th May
10 mins
10:1010th May
40 mins

  • Procedures, technological developments and the conceptual trajectory
  • The newest technology and procedures, will they become standard?

11:1010th May
50 mins

  • Risk management for patients: history, habits and physical attributes
  • Managing heart disease through medical treatment and lifestyle management
  • Individualising preventative programs for patients

12:1510th May
30 mins

  • Development of increasingly potent cancer therapies, at the cost of cardiovascular toxicity
  • Host institutes for cardio-oncology services, the potential and progress
  • Understanding the CV health problem in cancer survivors and how services have arisen

13:0010th May
45 mins

  • This is a promotional symposium sponsored and organised by AstraZeneca

14:0010th May
45 mins

  • A better understanding of individual heart disease/failure
  • Device therapy in treatment of the heart
  • Developments in treatment methods – what's being used across the EU

15:0010th May
45 mins

  • The association of diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease
  • Hyperlipidaemia, cholesterolemia and cardiovascular complications
  • Different anti-lipid and anti-diabetes mechanisms and the link to CVD

16:0010th May
30 mins

  • Today's heart transplant procedures and the evolution of the surgery
  • Complications/successes in heart transplantation
  • The future for heart transplants