Clinical Excellence in Cardiovascular Care

Virtual Event

GMT 09:15 - 16:30 Tuesday, 1 October 2024

Programme Summary

The 2024 Autumn HHE Clinical Excellence in Cardiovascular Care event has been produced in partnership with Hospital Healthcare Europe and Hospital Pharmacy Europe.

Taking place on 1 October, this one-day virtual cardiology event will allow you to explore the latest advances in cardiovascular care. With the help of an advisory board of cardiology specialists we have put together an agenda tailored to multi-disciplinary teams, thus ensuring the quality of every session. Each talk is presented by an expert, or panel, who will share knowledge and case studies of relevance.

The HHE Clinical Excellence in Cardiovascular Care event is available live and on-demand: due to the nature of your schedule we have provided both options to give greater flexibility and the chance to catch up in your own time.

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What will you learn at an HHE Clinical Excellence event?

  • Hear from Centres of Excellence and beyond to find out what is happening to improve patient care
  • Explore new clinical advances in areas ranging from chronic heart failure, prevention and risk factors, advances in interventional cardiology, and genetics
  • Gain CPD hours
  • Understand how different hospital departments are utilising multidisciplinary teams to improve patient care, which will impact your ways of working
  • Pick and choose sessions most relevant to your clinical practice, specifically tailoring the day to your needs
  • Catch up on-demand with recordings available free for a minimum of three months

Who should attend an HHE Clinical Excellence cardiovascular care event?

UK healthcare professionals in the following roles:

  • Head of Cardiology/Cardiologists
  • Cardiology Nurses
  • Intensive Care Nurses/Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Clinical Directors
  • Consultants
  • Hospital Pharmacists
  • Internists

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